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Because we couldn't find what we were looking for, a feminine do-it-yourself wardrobe, suitable, elegant, timeless, customizable, unique.


It was then that the family laboratory began, in search of clean lines, simplicity

of design, with materials chosen by and for you. We searched tirelessly,

the most obvious fabrics, details, cuts, in order to achieve a certain truth.

An ideal today.






A childhood in a small provincial town, weekends to imagine, play, dance

and have fun with a large family. Desires to grow up, then to go back.

A love of taste and elegance transmitted  by an adorable grandmother.

Heads full of laughter and optimism.


Lover of noble and comfortable materials, authenticity and timelessness,

all associated with original prints and colors.

Inspiration through  architecture, music, object,  

a meeting, a memory, a perfume.  


After studying Arts and then Styling,  I choose to dedicate my work

to the creation of models in the form of patterns.




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