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2 years

November 21, 2018. The family laboratory celebrates its 2 years.

This anniversary is an opportunity to express to you all my gratitude for your messages, smileys, smiles, likes, photos, creations.


Thank you & thank you again.

Two years so fast, so sweet, so beautiful. We tried  to be different, to be ourselves.

Every day we try to change things, to improve ourselves without ever getting discouraged and to offer you the best.


Today I am happy while thinking of  tomorrow I wish to  your sides broaden horizons, meet more, develop, show, try, feel the creations of new collections.


So it is with you that I share this anniversary shot  to the future.


Thank you for your patience, thank you again and in advance for your support, thank you for giving meaning to the Family Laboratory.
I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.


. Let's continue to  dream .




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